What is this? / Cos’è questo?


My name is Lucrezia Martufi, I am Italian but I lived in Germany and Spain for the past 13 years. Here I deal broadly and in a very personal way with museums, communication and cultural politics. I collaborate with museums and collectives. This content is mostly in Italian and English.

As an extra: I did my best to become a PhD in cultural sociology and museology by 2022 while working but I had to stop, because days only have 24 hours in my world, and of these I spent 10 working in a different field from the one I was studying because I did not have a fellowship or a contract; of the remaining 14, I tried to sleep for 6/7, 1 or 2 were for eating/buying groceries/commuting, and with only 5 or 6 hours between 6 and 11 pm left to study, it had become impossible to handle on a physical and mental level. Very interested and open to talk about this, cause I know this is shared by many colleagues … now I am facing the beauty of moving back to my home country and have my Master degree from another European country recognized as equivalent. A true nightmare, if you ask me.

Mi chiamo Lucrezia Martufi, ho vissuto in Germania e Spagna per gli ultimi tredici anni e in questo spazio mi occupo in modo molto personale di musei, comunicazione e politiche culturali. Collaboro con musei e collettivi. Adesso sto ristudiando storia dell’arte in Italia, perché le equivalenze tra titoli di studio universitari europei sono un inferno.

p.s: Ho fatto il possibile per difendere una tesi dottorale in sociologia della cultura e museologia ma ho smesso perché le giornate hanno solo 24 ore nel mio mondo e io 10 le passo a lavorare in comunicazione, circa 7 ne dormo, per massimo 2 mangio e con 5 o 6 ore rimaste al giorno tra le 18 e le 23 senza biblioteche aperte 24/7 il mio obiettivo era diventato insostenibile fisicamente e mentalmente. Apertissima a parlarne, so di non essere da sola in questo, purtroppo 🙂